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Some of the services that Hegeman-Harris offers as a Construction Management firm are:

  • Assist in the selection of an architect technically qualified to do the layout of the facility.
  • Assist in the selection of a local architect to be responsible for the implementation of the drawings and obtaining of all permits.
  • Review drawings and specifications, architectural and engineering, for the purpose of advising on the possible design and cost implications of local availability of materials and labor.
  • Prepare cost evaluations and estimates related to both the overall budget and to the preliminary allocations of budget to the various systems.
  • Assist the owner in obtaining financing by helping to prepare packages, projections, etc.
  • Recommend acceptance of general contractor to perform the work, and guarantee completion within the time specified.
  • Recommend early purchase of those specified items of equipment and materials that require a long lead time for procurement and delivery, and expedite purchases in general.
  • Advise of the pre-packaging of bidding documents for the awarding of separate construction contracts for the various systems and trades.
  • Consider the type and scope of work represented by each bid package in relation to time required for performance, availability of labor and materials, and participate in the schedule of construction procedures.
  • Work out a C.P.M. (Critical Path) Schedule.
  • Check bid packages, drawings and specifications to eliminate overlapping jurisdictions among the separate contractors.
  • Review all contract documents to ensure that someone is responsible for general requirements on the site and for temporary facilities to house the management and supervision operation.
  • Construct pre-bid conferences among contractors, subcontractors and manufacturers of systems and sub-systems to ensure that all bidders understand the components of bidding documents and the management techniques that will be applied.
  • Review stipulations of the project administrator with the bidders regarding construction management personnel, services, control authorities, insurance, bonding, liability, and other aspects of the construction management commissions.

Additionally, during construction, we will:

  • Manage the general coordination and scheduling of the work.
  • Maintain our own supervisory staff on the job site.
  • Observe work in progress to assure compliance with drawings and specifications.
  • Confer with architects and engineers when clarification or interpretations of the documents becomes necessary.
  • Obtain and send in writing to all concerned, any contract interpretations of the documents which becomes necessary.
  • Set up on-site lines of authority and communication to ensure progress of the work of all contractors is unimpeded and the intent of the architects and engineers is accurately fulfilled.
  • Conduct such conferences among successful bidders as necessary to maintain schedule and clarify any matters in dispute.
  • Revise and refine estimates as construction proceeds and as required to incorporate approved changes as they occur. Monitor estimates and changes to ensure that neither the schedule nor the budget is in danger of being exceeded.
  • Establish procedures for processing shop drawings, catalogs and samples, the scheduling of material requirements, and prompt cash flow as job phases are completed.
  • See that each contractor's labor and equipment are adequate for the work and the schedule.
  • Be aware of safety programs developed by each separate contractor and especially those safety provisions for the overall job as provided by the general requirements of the contractor.
  • Update and keep current the CPM or other computerized overall control, and ensure that all parties with the need-to-know are informed.
  • Maintain records at the job site and elsewhere, including but not limited to records of all contracts, shop drawings, samples, purchases, subcontracts, materials, equipment, applicable codes and standards, etc. These records are to be available to the AE and the project administrator, and may become property of the PA at the time of the final payment.
  • Maintain cost accounting records of all job components, including separate accounting of the cost consequences of any change order and its effect on the schedule.
  • Keep accurate progress reports during all stages of construction.
  • Review and process all applications for progress payments.
  • Review all requests for changes and submit recommendations to the architects, engineers, and the project administrator.
  • Be prepared to supply any documentation required in the handling of claims or disputes - and be sure the cost of preparing any such submission is covered one way or another in the construction management agreement.
  • Advise owner to obtain from qualified surveyors such, certified records of site conditions, elevations, floor levels, etc., as may be required.
  • Insure that contractors maintain a current set of record working drawings and specifications;
  • Set up a joint inspection of the whole project at some specified interval prior to completion, the inspection to be made by the construction manager in company with the project administrator and or owner, the architects and engineers and other interested parties.
  • Anything else the client requires.

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